|| अमंत्रं अक्षरं नास्ति ||

|| नास्ति मूलं अनौषधम् ||

|| अयोग्य पुरुषो नास्ति ||

|| योजक: तत्र दुर्लभ: ||


“Every letter (sound) has potential to be a mantra, every herb can be a medicine, every person has potential to be a winner, what is missing is a visionary manger who can visualize the potential and transform them.” The shloka captures the spirit of quest. Quest at Mindfarm.

This is the faith that drives Team Mindfarm.

Culture of a place is a culmination of rituals and practices followed over generations. Inevitably following the path of evolution, in search of most appropriate thing to do at the moment, the ritual follows the path that is noted at gut level and evident commonly known and accepted experience and observation.

Over a period one may not be able to pin point a logic or an explicit ‘cause-effect’ relationship. A civilization keeps accumulating the knowledge morphing with each generation and adjusting with environment. India is lucky to have such a wealth, in literature, traditions, call it Ayurveda or Vedas.

When modern science is finding it more and more challenging to come with new molecules to formulate drugs and solve newer problems. We believe it is the time to rediscover the wealth that has been accumulated over a couple of millennia and sharpen the known tools with modern science and technology.